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Happy Turf Clients

Each lawn took a different path to get to where it's at. What path will your lawn take to be happy?

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The images below are raw, untouched photos of a few client's lawns. (Except for our logo overlay!)
  • A well kept up lawn by the home owner, and a well treated lawn by Happy Turf!
  • Thick Kentucky bluegrass treated by Happy Turf!
  • A green, weed-free lawn can enhance your landscape.
  • From thin to thick! - Happy Turf
  • No weeds, thick, and green! Happy Turf!
  • This lawn had disease in the past, but after a fungicide, the lawn came back beautifully!
  • Large properties not a problem for Happy Turf! Still NO WEEDS!
  •  Thick grass across the entire lawn!
  • Dogs, cats, and kids can all go on the lawn shortly after our applications!
  • A nice, thick, and SOFT lawn by Happy Turf!
  • Happy Turf VS competition and the winner is... HAPPY TURF!
  • Another beautiful, thick lawn!
  • Sun or shade, Happy Turf can help!
  • Middle of summer and we still have nice color on this lawn!
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