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Vernon Hills Lawn Care

We are happy to offer lawn care in Vernon Hills! Our complete lawn service programs help create a healthy, weed-free lawn. Not only can we provide Vernon Hills lawn care, we also offer tree and shrub care as well.

Be the first in your neighborhood to use Happy Turf lawn care and refer your neighbors! We offer referral discounts for clients that schedule five (5) or more lawn applications! And... there is NO LIMIT! So be sure to refer all of your friends, family, and neighbors and we'll be glad to offer $10 - $25 per full service client (five or more lawn applications)!
Whether you make your residence near the interstate or tucked away in a neighborhood, Happy Turf is the best lawn care company to help your lawn become thicker and weed-free!
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Lawn care in Vernon Hills is quickly becoming a household must. Over the last few years, Vernon Hills home owners are re-investing into their properties more than ever. A great way to boost your property value is to hire a professional who can improve your lawn significantly. Happy Turf provides solid, professional lawn service in Vernon Hills that is cost-effective and efficient. Vernon Hills lawn care has never been better since Happy Turf has provided service! Let's boost your property and spread the word across Vernon Hills that lawn care is best provided by Happy Turf!

Here are a few of our popular programs:
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