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Happy Turf Reviews

  • "I tried doing weed control at my house and it was a losing battle. The next year I brought Happy Turf into the equation and I have never been happier with my lawn. Not a weed to be found. My friends and family enjoy many days running around the yard playing games barefoot, it is great."

    - Joey K.
  • "I gotta say, the lawn looks pretty darn good right now!"

    - Dale T.
  • "Another year of Happy Turf and the lawn got completely better! Before the first season I had Happy Turf, the lawn had a bunch of weeds. They got rid of those really quick, but the lawn was still thinner. After this season, the lawn has thickened up even through the hot and dry weather we had. I'm pretty impressed."

    - Steve H.
  • "I referred my neighbor and they (Happy Turf) gave me $25!
    So now both yards look good and I got paid!"

    - J.
  • "The grass looks great, the guys are doing an awesome job!"

    - Lawrence
  • "We truly appreciate your service and
    the care you take in doing a fine job."

    - Bill M.
  • "You and your guys (technicians) were very responsive when I noticed an issue with my lawn. That treatment really cleared up my lawn."

    - Mr. W.
  • "My grass is the thickest on the block. Now it's just a matter of getting my neighbors on board. I don't want their weeds, so I'm gonna get you guys out there for them."

    - Dale G.
  • "I don't know how you guys did it, but my lawn has really taken off since I switched to Happy Turf."

    - Al D.
  • "You guys did a few treatments at my Uncle's house and cleared out that creeping stuff (Creeping Charlie). I can't believe how that place looks now. It's like a brand new yard, green as can be. Sign me up."

    - Rick P.
  • "Lawn looks green, shrubs are growing, can't complain!"

    - Beth M.
  • "I'm very happy! And so is my lawn and my wife!"

    - James
  • "I appreciate your technicians bringing issues to my attention.
    Everything has cleared up and looks gorgeous!"

    - Gloria
  • "Everyone walks by and asks who does my lawn. It all looks great!"

    - Kathryn S.
  • "You guys have got it looking good!

    - Arthur
  • "Just keep doing what you do! My yard looks awesome!"

    - Jim
  • "Thanks for keeping my grass green!"

    - Mrs. C.
  • "MY YARD! It looks TERRIFIC! :) Fantastic! The creeping charlie
    isn't creeping very much anymore! Thank you!"

    - Sandy S.
  • "I'm very satisfied with your work.
    I do recommend your service to others also!"

    - Elaine B.
  • "Extremely polite young men! Very accommodating!
    Best my lawn has ever looked!"

    - Davis
  • "You have done a great job on our lawn and it looks 100% better than it did 2 years ago when we moved here... it was all weeds! We appreciate all you have done!"

    - Hansen Family
  • "Very happy with the service.
    Can I sign up to get the lawn aerated?"

    - Kenny K.
  • "Your tech (Lawn care technician) was very nice
    and did a great job. You have a great worker."

    - Mary M.
  • "The young man that did our yard was extremely polite and helpful! Nice to have good service. Thanks for shaping up my lawn this year!"

    - Brian D.
  • "Lawn has never looked better... I stand in my kitchen
    and just look at all the green!"

    - Ronald S.
  • "Shrubs are looking GREAT! Thank you!"

    - Heather M.
  • "I would like to extend a large thank you to your full service. Happy Turf has taken a lawn that looked like an alfalfa field and turned it into a great plush, thick green lawn within one season. THAT'S AMAZING! My mom is just as ecstatic about her lawn this summer."

    - Kenneth
  • "Crab tree looks great, big improvement."

    - Barbara
  • "This has helped our lawn tremendously and will help us fix what the previous person did not take care of."

    - Dennis
  • "I had a lot of questions about the condition of my lawn on a Saturday and I was able to get someone to come over and look at it. I know a lot of other services are closed. He also noticed Japanese Beetles were in my yard and they are now spraying my trees for those. Thank you Happy Turf!"

    - Jean
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