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Grub Control

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Grub Control | 1 Treatment | Guaranteed!

Grub Preventative - One of the worst things that can happen to your lawn is GRUB DAMAGE! Grubs can cause horrific damage, usually from August through October. Grubs, which are the larvae form of the Japanese Beetles, will eat away at your lawn's root zone, causing slow, but devastating damage. Most times, the damage will go undetected, since it is occurring underground. Once the big brown patches show, it's just too late. The grub damage is done.

How to prevent grub damage?

Happy Turf offers a 1 time, guaranteed grub control to protect your lawn for the entire season. Not many things in nature are guaranteed, but for this treatment, we will put forth our 100% guarantee on NO GRUB DAMAGE!

Happy Turf's grub control can be put down any time from early May until early July, depending on weather of course. Some seasons call for earlier, others later. No worries! Happy Turf will take care of the timing and application while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your lawn WILL NOT have ANY grub damage!

grubs, grubs in lawn, grub control, grub japanese beetles
Grubs can make your lawn peal up like a carpet.

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Japanese Beetle Program - Since there are NO natural predators of the Japanese Beetles (adult from of the white grub), we have developed a program that is highly effective in protecting your trees and shrubs that these buggers like to feed on. Happy Turf offers a seasonal program that will help control them from decimating your landscape plants.
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grubs, white grub, japanese beetle grubs
Grubs of various sizes and stages.

classic grub damage, grub damage, grubs
Happy Turf can help control grub damage. Don't let this happen to your lawn! This lawn needs a Power-Seeding!

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