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Lawn Care Services

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Happy Turf offers a number of different lawn care services that can help benefit your lawn. From our custom Lawn Program that includes fertilizer, weed control, and crabgrass control to our Organic Lawn Program options, Happy Turf can surely help out with some of the lawn care services below:

Lawn Program - Happy Turf offers fertilizer AND weed control nearly every time out. We also offer crabgrass control in the spring time at no additional charge!
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Organic Lawn Programs - Happy Turf offers three different organic based lawn programs that can help bring your turf much needed nutrients with 100% organic fertilization.
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Grub Control - Happy Turf exclusively offers a full guarantee with our grub control. Our grub control is put down in around May/June and lasts the entire season. This one-time, guaranteed services for the current season will protect your lawn from the vicious grubs that lie beneath. This is one of the most important lawn services we offer other than our basic lawn program. If you have grub damage after using our grub control, we will replace and renew your damaged areas, guaranteed.
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Disease Control - Many times your lawn will not be as green as you want it to be, and most of the time, Happy Turf technicians can spot the underlying factor. More often than not, your lawn may be suffering from a disease. Thankfully, Happy Turf offers a few different fungicides to help control those awful diseases.

Post-Emergent Crabgrass Control - Are you sick of crabgrass taking over in June and July? Was it too late to put down a crabgrass pre-emergent control? Well you are in luck! Happy Turf offers a post-emergent (after the plant has popped up) crabgrass control to control this highly aggressive and invasive species. Call us ASAP if you have crabgrass issues! (262) 697-5013

Aeration - One of the BEST ways to help thicken up the lawn. When done properly, a lawn aeration can help your lawn tremendously. Happy Turf can help bring air, water, and nutrients to the root zone, which in turn helps your lawn's root system. Aerations are a must in our area due to the severe winters and extremely hot summers.
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A very happy client!

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Commercial properties can yield great results as well!

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The above image shows a Happy Turf client on the left, and a neighbor on the right. The client to the left does our basic program and waters, proving to be a better result.

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This homeowner may have been a bit over zealous with fertilizer in areas of her lawn. Happy Turf will relieve you of all your fertilizing needs and responsibilities!

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