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Lawn Aeration - Core Aeration

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Lawn Aeration

One of the best ways to thicken your lawn is by aerating. Aerations, when done properly, will remove small, 1-3 inch cores from your lawn, which will then allow air, water, and nutrients to access the root zone of your lawn easier. Furthermore, aeration is one of the best ways to relieve compaction. Your lawn will thank you once you aerate!

Aeration - Happy Turf will aerate your yard, pulling up 1-3 inch cores. Those cores recycle into the soil, bringing important micro-nutrients with them.

Aeration with Overseed - Happy Turf also offers an overseeding with the aeration for those of you who want to promote more new growth within your yard. We invest in a higher quality seed that usually contains 50-60% Kentucky Bluegrass.

More Seeding Options

Certified Seed - Ready to do your own seeding? Have some areas that you need to patch seed? Happy Turf can provide you with a quality blend of seed that will fit your lawn's needs. Available in 25 lb bags.

Your lawn is just like you!
It needs water to live!

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Aerations will benefit your lawn any time you have them done. Spring and Fall are the optimal times to schedule your aeration, and don't forget the overseeding option.

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