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Lawn Program

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This is Happy Turf's MOST POPULAR program! Our lawn program consists of a mixture between granular and liquid applications. The lawn applications are for crabgrass control, broad leaf weed control, and balanced fertilization. Our full lawn care program schedule is listed below:

1. Early Spring - Crabgrass Control & Fertilizer to jump start lawn.

2. Spring - Fertilizer, Weed Control (& additional Crabgrass Control if weather allows).

3. Late Spring - Fertilizer & Weed Control, protects against summer annuals.

4. Summer - Balanced, slow-release Fertilizer. Includes weed control when needed.

5. Late Summer - Slow-release Fertilizer to replenish nutrients from the stresses of summer. Also weed control as needed.

6. Fall - Heavy Fertilizer & Heavy Weed Control. Very important application due to root zone growth.

7. Winterizer - Turf Winterization. Helps replenish nutrients while preparing the lawn for winter. Helps with spring green up.
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What's nice about Happy Turf's lawn care service is that this particular lawn program allows for change, depending on weather, lawn conditions, and seasons. Our full program (7 applications) will help your lawn from March until November on average. Call us for recommendations and advice, or visit our lawn care quote request page. We'll be happy to design a program for your lawn!
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