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Mosquito Control Program

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Mosquito Control

Bzzzzzzzzz! Yes, we all know the sound that those pesky mosquitoes make. And to make matters worse, our region of the Midwest offers millions of places for those mosquitoes to live, breed, and of course cause those scratchy, itchy bites! Going outside can be irritating when clouds of mosquitoes clog the air and your personal space. There's almost nothings you can do...

BUT WAIT! Happy Turf is here!

Mosquito Control Program - Happy Turf offers a great solution for your mosquito problems. Our mosquito control does a solid job in preparation for family events, graduation or birthday parties, weddings, and with our program we can also offer season long control. Although we cannot control 100% of the mosquitoes (no one can!), we can help make your outdoor experiences seem mosquito free! You won't have to worry about clumsy foggers or tons of repellent. With our program, our treatments will do the job FOR you!

We typically try to schedule our program around the following times for best control:
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Mid Summer (Early August)
  • Labor Day
You can use our Mosquito Control Program as season long control (best option) or try us out for one or two treatments before an event. In our program, we typically like to be out once every 3-5 weeks, depending on weather of course. Some clients enjoy the mosquito control treatments every 2 weeks, especially if they are busy outside on the property!

You can schedule as many or as little treatments as you'd like with our mosquito control!
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Use our Mosquito Control for your outdoor events!

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