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Tree Services - Tree Care

Happy Turf offers a number of different lawn care services that can help benefit your lawn. From our custom Lawn Program that includes fertilizer, weed control, and crabgrass control to our Organic Lawn Program options, Happy Turf can surely help out with some of the lawn care services below:

Tree Program - Happy Turf offers tree and shrub fertilizations as well as timed insect and disease control treatments. Protect your landscape shrubs, trees, and foundation plants with this all-inclusive program.

Japanese Beetle Program - Since there are NO natural predators of the Japanese Beetles, we have developed a program that is highly effective in protecting your trees and shrubs that these buggers like to feed on. Happy Turf offers a seasonal program that will help control them from desimating your landscape plants. Call us today!
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Apple Scab Program - Happy Turf offers a full program to protect and help crabapple trees exclusively. Crabapple trees have the potential to be the most beautiful trees in your landscape when they bloom, but can suffer from a disease called Apple Scab. When crabapple trees have Apple Scab, they can lose their leaves early in the season, which can cause a descrease in vigor, color, and blooms. Repeat infections, when left alone for consecutive seasons, can eventually kill the tree. Happy Turf can help with our proven program. Protect and enhance your crabapple trees this season! Don't forget to fertilize! We can do that too!
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Emerald Ash Borer Treatments - Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) kill Ash trees... enough said, right? Unfortunately, the EAB's have become an epidemic, with damages totalling to over 25 MILLION trees! We can protect your Ash trees before it's too late! Don't wait until you get them, it's too late then.
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Zimmerman Pine Moth Program - A very common, yet seemingly unknown issue with Pine trees is something called Zimmerman Pine Moth (ZPM). This is a very serious issue that will not only damage your Pine trees' structure, but could even leave them dead in a season's time if left untreated in serious cases. We can help!
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Happy Turf offers a seasonal program (treatments in April and August) that can help your rid your Pine trees of infestations and prevent further issues. Call us ASAP if you have Zimmerman Pine Moth issues! (262) 697-5013

Fruit Tree Program - If you have apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, cherry trees, or plum trees (or any other fruit tree for that matter!), we can help protect them from disease and insects while properly fertilizing them in order help produce more savory fruit! We have a developed and approved program that will help produce a better yeild.

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japanese beetles, japanese beetle control
Above is a Japanese Beetle attacking this rose bush. Protect your plants with our Japanese Beetle program!
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Any issues with your pines, spruces, or any other plants, just call us to receive a free, in-depth analysis and quote!

striped lawn, bad fertilizer

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