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Creeping Charlie

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A little about Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie - Creeping Charlie is one of the most dreaded and difficult "viney" weeds to control in lawns in our area! Creeping Charlie, like many ground ivies, can easily take over your lawn if left uncontrolled. Furthermore, creeping Charlie can choke out your lawn's root zone, causing your lawn to die off over time, sometimes even within a season! After utilizing Happy Turf's full service lawn program to help control creeping Charlie, we highly recommend scheduling our lawn aerations to help bring your lawn back if you've had severe creeping Charlie in the past.

How to control Creeping Charlie

Two words - Lawn Program!! Because creeping Charlie is not easily controlled by most common herbicides, Happy Turf uses a few different options for weed control for creeping Charlie in order to provide the best results, all within our full program at no extra cost!

On the other hand, most people have difficulty controlling creeping Charlie since creeping Charlie has a waxy coating on its leaves, similarly to wild violets. Our lawn program is designed to control creeping Charlie, violets, dandelions, and nearly all other ground ivies and broadleaf weeds that others seemingly have problems with.

Happy Turf offers a guaranteed option for those clients that do not want ANY creeping Charlie in the yard. When you schedule 5 or more treatments in your lawn program, we deem you a full service client! When dealing with creeping Charlie, we strongly recommend all 7 treatments.

More about Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie, or Glechoma hederacea, is a perennial plant of the mint family, native to Europe and southwestern Asia. The plant is also known as ground ivy, catsfoot, or field balm, and is sometimes confused with creeping Jenny, which is more like a cousin to creeping Charlie. Creeping Charlie typically has bilaterally symmetrical, funnel shaped, blue or bluish-violet to lavender flowers that grow in opposed clusters of two or three. It usually flowers in the spring, which is a crucial time for weed control.

Proper Treatment - Violets, due to their waxy, protective coating, need to be treated continually to fully control. Spring and fall are the best times to control violets, though if weather allows, late spring and summer treatments are a necessity when seeking full control.
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Creeping Charlie takes over, lawn moves out! Don't let it happen!

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Lawn getting thinner, creeping Charlie getting thicker.

"Make your Creeping Charlie turn into Retreating Charlie!"
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To protect your lawn against creeping Charlie, Happy Turf offers a comprehensive lawn program that is specifically designed to control creeping Charlie and other ground ivies. Happy Turf offers three treatments in the spring, two in the summer, and a fall and winterizer to help the fight against creeping Charlie.
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